The answer to a long-time construction hazard: Stub-EASE


Did you know that 2015 marked the highest number of construction site deaths since 2008? “Approximately 4,836 workers were killed on the job.  Fatal falls, slips, and trips were the second highest type of workplace death (second only to roadway incidents.)” (

Stub-EASE was invented to eliminate these types of fatal falls due to trips and slips on electrical conduit stub-ups.  At most job sites, you’ll see rows of conduit stub-ups protruding out of the raceway.  Sometimes they are sprayed orange or marked with a flag to “help” workers identify them.  Other times mushroom caps and Rebar caps are used.  However, all of these methods do not eliminate falls, trips, and slips on the conduit.  Moreover, they pose a risk for impalement.  

The only effective way to eliminate electrical conduit stub-ups is by the use of Stub-EASE.  Stub-EASE™ eliminates slips, trips and falls because it lays flush with the concrete after it is installed:  Made of High-Density Polyethylene the sleeve is attached to the conduit via embedded threaded coupling. After the concrete pour, the Stub-EASE is cut down to the concrete slab and extracted using a standard sized paddle bit, leaving a perfect opening to install your next piece of vertical conduit AND a flush ground with nothing to trip over!

This animation shows how easy Stub-EASE is to install.  

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Lauren Shepherd