Most contractors state that slips, trips, and falls are the leading cause of injury on their job sites.  Stub-EASE™eliminates the hazard of electrical conduit stub-ups by embedding a coupling accessible via a pocket created by a plastic sleeve penetrating the concrete slab.   

How do i justify the cost of Stub-EASE™?

We get asked this question a lot. Our response is this: the upfront cost of Stub-EASE™ is minimal compared to the costs of repairing hundreds to thousands of damaged stub-ups on the job site and the workers compensation fees associated with the trips and falls caused by conduit stub-ups. 

Do you have a 2" Stub-EASE™ or larger? 

Stub-EASE™ is currently available in ½”, ¾”, 1”, and 1 ½” sizing. Additional sizing options will be released next year. If you are having trouble finding the right Stub-EASE™ size for your job, contact us at 800-877-1390 and we can help you find a solution.

How Can I convince my foreman?

We understand that many people are afraid of change. However, the money you can save by using Stub-EASE™ is major draw for many of our clients. Stub-EASE™ eliminates the trip and fall hazard associated with conduit stub-ups. This ultimately saves money on workman's comp claims and lawsuits. Stub-EASE™ also saves time by eliminating conduit repairs.

Do you have to fire caulk Stub-EASE™?

Per Bartkowski Life Safety Corp.'s review of the Stub-EASE™assembly fire rating, fire caulking or other fire stopping products do not need to be implemented.




how does Stub-EASE™ work with concrete finishing machines?

A concrete finishing machine has a 4" guard, while a Stub-EASE™ is just over 7".  When installed, there is 4" (or more) of the Stub-EASE™ protruding out of the concrete, therefore the machine guard will stop upon contact with Stub-EASE™.

Are Stub-EASE™ pieces difficult to get out?

After the concrete pour, Stub-EASE™ pieces are easily extracted by using a power drill and spade bit corresponding to the size of the Stub-EASE™ (i.e. 1” spade bit for 1” Stub-EASE™).

Does Stub-EASE™ work with pvc? 

Stub-EASE™ works just as well with PVC as it does with EMT. Attach a female connection to the end of the PVC and then attach Stub-EASE™. An Emergent PVC Pre-Manufactured Bend will also be released in early 2018, which will make pre-fabrication easier than ever!

Why aren't the supply houses stocking Stub-EASE™?

Emergent Safety Supply is the exclusive distributor of Stub-EASE™. Bulk purchases of Stub-EASE™ are available to suppliers through Emergent Safety Supply.