Benefits beyond safety.

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Flat, clean surface.

The concept is to maintain a coupling within the slab or below the final grade of the concrete to keep future extensions of the conduit from projecting beyond the top of concrete. The plastic sleeve, or pocket former, Stub-EASE™ is attached to the embedded conduit via a threaded coupling, be it a set screw or compression connection. This can be accomplished with a 90° bend on the conduit or using a threaded short radius 90° elbow, depending on the depth of the concrete slab.

after the pour

After the pour.



After the concrete pour, the HDPE (High Density Poly-Ethylene) sleeve and support are cut down to the top of concrete elevation and left in the slab until the future raceway is ready to be safely extended into a wall cavity. 



Eliminates the safety hazard of trips, falls, and impalements relative to conduit stub-ups. 


Protects raceways from damage, debris, and infiltration until verticle extension is installed.


Reduction in workman’s compensation claims, as well as loss time work incedents from conduit stub-up related injuries.


Substantial cost savings in labor and material from conduit repairs, lost race- ways, and/or the need for redundancy.


Reduces exposure to costly lawsuits with every implementation of Stub-EASE™ vs. conduit stub-ups.


Allows for conduit conversion between RMC to EMT and vice versa.