• Available in 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″ and 1 1/2" sizes

  • Can be used with EMT or RMC conduit via fitting conversions

  • Maintains continuous ground

  • Multiple Configurations using 90° radius elbows, in-slab supports, etc…

  • Maintains UL on all embedded and/or permanent parts


Emergent Pre-Manufactured Bend


Republic Conduit's EMT is designed with the user in mind.  It begins with high-quality, flat-rolled steel that is uniquely formulated for its high malleability. After forming and welding, the tubes receive a satin-smooth, corrosion-resistant zinc coating -galvanizing process. Proprietary features such as Inch-Mark and Guide-Lined* complete the production and result in steel conduit that is simple to install, reduces errors, and saves money.

All Republic Conduit EMT is made from steel which is melted and rolled in the United States.


Architects desiring to specify Republic Conduit EMT should include the following description:

Electrical conductors shall be enclosed in Electrunite EMT in accordance with the National Electrical Code (NEC). Electrical metallic tubing shall be mild steel, electrically welded, galvanized and produced to the following specifications:

  • UL Standard for Electrical Metallic Tubing Steel, UL797, File # E7465

  • ANSI NEMA Standard for Electrical Metallic Tubing C80.3

  • National Electric Code, Article 358

  • Master bundle quantities conform to NEMA RN-2 standard

Outside Diameter Tolerances

For trade size 2" - inches ±0.005, millimeter ±0.13
For trade size 2 1/2" - inches ±0.010, millimeter ±0.25
For trade size 3" - inches ±0.015, millimeter ±0.38
For trade sizes 3 1/2" & 4" - inches ±0.020, millimeter ±0.51

  • The values in feet / pound units are standard. The metric equivalents may be approximate. Conduit is always identified by its English or Metric Trade Size Designator.

  • 1/2", 3/4", and 1" sizes of Rebuplic's EMT are furnished bearing the Inch-Marked© and Guide-Lined© trademarks and with diamond-knurled inside finish for easier wire pull/push.

  • All sizes furnished 10' length.

  • Applicable length tolerance = ±1/4" (±6.35mm).