Eliminate Electric Conduit Stub-Ups

Increase Safety. Save Money.

Stub-Ups don’t have to be the necessary evil. At Stub-EASE we’ve engineered the total solution to hazardous, inefficient, and costly conduit stub-ups. 


Be part of the solution.

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Stub-EASE™ provides:

A safer alternative

Eliminates the safety hazards traditional conduit stub-ups create such as trips, falls, and impalements.

Substantial cost savings

Substantial cost savings in labor and material by eliminating the need for lost costly conduit repairs and lost raceways.

Reduced Litigation

Reduces exposure to costly lawsuits with every implementation vs. traditional conduit stub-ups.

OSHA Compliance

Under the "General Duty" clause, OSHA has begun making focused inspections of constructions sites and citing conduit stub-ups as impalement issues.

Stub-EASE process

Stub-EASE™ simplistically eliminates electrical conduit stub-ups from concrete construction.  This is achieved by embedding a coupling in the slab that is made accessible in the future via the "Stub-EASE™" removable pocket former. 

"Titan will install approximately 8000...which will yield a cost savings of $51,450."

- Michael Jobe / Project Manager, Titan Electric



By the numbers.

No matter how you view it, conduit stub-ups cost your site money.  With the use of  Stub-EASE™ you can reduce your exposure to lawsuits, CCIP losses, workman's compensation claims, repair time and materials, lost race-ways, but most importantly to trips, falls, and impalements.  



Damaged conduit stub-ups

On average each construction site experiences damage to 30% of their conduit stub-ups.


2 hrs.

Repair time per stub-up

It takes approximately 2 hours, and various trades, to repair a damaged stub-up.



Millions spent

From OSHA violations to litigations, repair time to workman's comp insurance, stub-ups cost millions.

Don’t be part of the statistics.
Be part of the solution.

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Our Mission

Stub-EASE™ is here to partner with you in safety and cost reduction; to provide a total solution to your conduit stub-up problem.

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