The only answer  to costly, hazardous stub-ups. 

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How It Works

Change is NecessarY

What is Stub-EASE™?


Stub-EASE™ Stops Unnecessary
Conduit Stub-Up Repairs

The ONLY way to
Slip, Trip, and Fall Hazards

Are you providing a safe site?

Tripping and falling on conduit stub-ups can mean serious injuries that could possibly leave your employee impacted for life…not to mention the costly workman’s comp insurance that is inevitable with workplace injury.

Onsite injuries also can delay the job while the site is shut down for improper safety protocols, again leading to loss in profit.

OSHA violations for unprotected conduit stub ups and insurance lawsuits can cost you millions. In the worst case, stub-ups can cause deathly impalement.

There is a solution to costly damaged stub-ups

Introducing, Stub-EASE™!  Stub-EASE™ lay flush with the ground so your laborers have nothing to trip over.  Plus they eliminate damage to your in place work" and save you money.