Stub-EASE: the solution to a damaged jobsite

Whether getting run over by a lift or hammered around by a anxious laborer, it is estimated that nearly 30% of Conduit Stub-Ups are damaged throughout the life of the construction site.  Even when sprayed orange or identified by a flag, it seems inevitable that Stub-Ups become damaged.

What’s worse is that rarely anyone claims the damage they inflicted on the Stub-Ups and ultimately the concrete slab surrounding it.  Meaning, when it comes time to costly repairs no one steps up to the plate. Often times sites are delayed while trades argue over who will pay the cost for a laborer to fix the damaged Conduit Stub-Ups.  On average each damaged Stub-Up will require 2 hours of repair time.  At rates ranging from $55-$200 per hour, the repair costs add up quick.

What if you could eliminate Conduit Stub-Ups, and thus eliminate those costly repairs?  

Stub-EASE™ simplistically eliminates electrical conduit stub-ups from concrete construction by embedding a coupling accessible via a pocket created by a plastic sleeve penetrating the concrete slab. Stub-EASE™ eliminates slips, trips and falls due to hazardous conduit stub-ups and also eliminates damage to the conduit.  Made of High-Density Polyethylene the sleeve is attached to the conduit via embedded threaded coupling. After the concrete pour, the stub-ease is cut down to the concrete slab and extracted using a standard sized paddle bit, leaving a perfect opening to install your next piece of vertical conduit.

Titan Electric implemented the use of Stub-EASE™ in their Block 37 Project of Chicago’s Loop district.  The firm used 8,000 Stub-EASE™ to eliminate damage to Stub-Ups.  Michael Jobe, Project Manager, estimated the savings to this project alone at $51,540.  Plus there was no headache over who was going to fix the damaged conduit.  

Conduit Stub-Ups no longer have to be the necessary evil of the construction industry.  With Stub-EASE™ there is a safe, effective, and cost-efficient solution to this age-old problem.  For more information or to order Stub-EASE™ call 800.877.1390.

Lauren Shepherd