Thank you for visiting Stub-EASE at NECA Seattle!


Recently Stub-EASE by Emergent Safety showcased at the NECA Seattle Expo.  Over 900 attendees visited the booth and learned how Stub-EASE is the “Total Solution to Costly, Hazardous and Inefficient Conduit Stub-Ups.”  

Stub-EASE™ simplistically eliminates electrical conduit stub-ups from concrete construction by embedding a coupling accessible via a pocket created by a plastic sleeve penetrating the concrete slab. Stub-EASE™ eliminates slips, trips and falls due to hazardous conduit stub-ups and also eliminates damage to the conduit.  Made of High-Density Polyethylene the sleeve is attached to the conduit via embedded threaded coupling. After the concrete pour, the stub-ease is cut down to the concrete slab and extracted using a standard sized paddle bit, leaving a perfect opening to install your next piece of vertical conduit.

Sales representatives look forward to following up with the attendees they met.  For more information, or samples of the product, please contact Emergent Safety Supply.

Lauren Shepherd