Stub-EASE will save valuable time and money with easy pre-fab


The Stub-EASE simplistic design, allows for easy prefabrication to your conduit, saving you time and money.  By pre-fabricating the Stub-EASE to the conduit, your install job is done in a breeze. Pre-fabricating can be done on site when a laborer is bending the conduit.  Simply attach the threaded Stub-EASE to the end of you 90 degree bend, and you are ready to place your conduit. 

Stub-EASE eliminates trip and fall hazards associated with conduit stub-ups, as well as conduit damage. Stub-ups are a constant hazard in the workplace, and with Stub-EASE, that hazard is eliminated. No more expensive workmans comp claims, or lawsuits. With easy installation, and no damage to your conduit,  you cannot afford to not use Stub-EASE.

Lauren Shepherd