Conduit Stub-Ups: A Problem That Needs to be Addressed


Conduit stub-ups are not a problem that is addressed within the industry, but it is a cause for concern. They pose a hazard to slips, trips, falls and even death. Why would you let this be a hazard in your workplace?

An OSHA segment on Safety and Health Topics titled “Electrical Contractors Industry” states, “Electrical contractors are responsible for the health and safety of employees who are exposed to a variety of hazards. Some of these hazards are obvious, such as electrical shock and electrocution. Others, such as musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), back injuries, slips and falls, or automobile-related incidents may not be as obvious.” ( )

Since conduit stub-ups are not an obvious hazard, they are usually overlooked. Sometimes, a stub up is knocked down with a hammer, sprayed safety orange, or have a flag taped to it. But these methods still continue to injure workers, and cause significant damage to the raceway.

An Electrical Contractor Magazine Article entitled, “Alarming Statistics” the article states, “According to Isiminger(Bob Isiminger, senior electrical engineer in OSHA’s office of engineering safety), there are a number of causes of common injuries, including failure to address known hazards; or if known hazards have been addressed, failure to remind and retrain employees about them; failure to follow written safety plans on-site; and the general belief among workers that injury or death can’t happen to them. There is also the cultural attitude among some electricians that they are expected to work on energized equipment because that’s the nature of the job and that the customer needs to maintain production and avoid downtime.” (’

By eliminating injuries relating to conduit stub-ups, we are helping save lives and preventing injuries in the electrical construction workplace. As Bob Isiminger stated, “there are a number of causes of coming injuries, including failure to address know hazards…” By addressing a hazard, that is less obvious than other injuries, Stub-EASE is a groundbreaking new development in the construction safety industry. By eliminating conduit stub-ups, we are creating a safer workplace.

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Lauren Shepherd